Who We Are

2020Vista is an international organization founded by Dr. Juan P. Fernandez de Castro to reduce preventable blindness in developing countries. Born in Colombia, and having seen poverty first hand, he moved to the United States where he trained as an ophthalmologist. During his training he traveled to impoverished countries to give primary eye care and perform eye surgeries to those in need. After becoming a Board certified eye surgeon he decided to start 2020Vista with the support of his family and friends.

The initial goal of the organization revolves around giving free glasses to those in need. 2020Vista wants to give 8,000 glasses during the first mission trip to Dr. Fernandez de Castro’s native Colombia. The next step will include laser treatments for glaucoma (damage to the optic nerve caused by pressure in the eye, another preventable blinding disease), and cataract surgery.

Our Mission

$9 Will change someone’s life

We are an independent, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, with no political or religious affiliation. Our focus is restoring vision to people in developing nations. We will achieve it by dispensing prescription glasses, performing surgeries and lasers, and educating the communities about eye health. Our main target is the people with no (or very limited) access, to ophthalmic or optometric care.

First Goal: Glasses
So, what is the invisible problem?

80% of people who need glasses for essential tasks don’t have them. That means 2 billion people! This has huge economic impact not only for the person who doesn’t have glasses but also for his entire family, and even his town and his country. It starts with the child who can’t see, under performs and ultimately drops out of school, continues with the young adult who is not able to get a good job because he did not complete his studies, who cannot drive safely, and continues with the person in their 40s who loses the ability to see close up and read properly. It is dramatically shortening their productive working years.

So, what is the solution? Easy! We have to reach, test, educate and deliver 2 billion pairs of glasses. 

In 2020Vista we identify  communities in need, where we can travel and deploy our resources. We communicate with key leaders in these groups to start the education process. Once the team arrives, we use cutting edge technology to obtain automated refractions that are double checked by an eye care specialist. Then pre-cut glasses are assembled on site and tried on the patient. Glasses are delivered for free. 

The result is a life-changing event for that person who is now able to go back to school, back to the workforce, and happy with their new vision!